Monday, February 20, 2017

Heritage Day on the Snowshoes - in Pictures

Winter finally arrived to the East coast with a couple heavy snowfalls last week. Due to the high winds its hard to determine the amount of snowfall due to drifting but 40-60 centimeters is a good estimate depending where you are in the province. Heading into the February long weekend it meant I finally would have a chance to get outside on my snowshoes. Not only is it a full body workout but a chance to appreciate the beauty of winter.

Saturday`s attempt was a hard slog. The snow was fresh powder and the drifts were substantial in the area I choose to hike within. Even with shoes matched to my weight I was knee deep for most of the outing. By Monday the temperatures had risen and with a melt the snow cover became wet and firmer and afforded far better snowshoeing opportunities.

I  love the woods in winter, especially with a fresh cover of snow. A white blanket of winter snow over the landscape makes for some great scenery and, subsequently,  nice pictures.

Previously Broken Trail

Snow covered stream

Critter Prints

Massive solitary boulder

The venerable Birch

More critters

Through the deadfall

It was a good day!

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