Saturday, April 08, 2017

Rum - Single Cane Estate Rum

Picked up a bottle of Single Cane Estate Rum while on vacation in the Caribbean last month. Without the benefit of having sampled the spirit it was a leap of faith at the duty free shop with a price tag of $40 USD.

I know little of this Dominican Republic offering but was attracted by the bottle design, the use of a traditional cork stopper and the description upon the label.

"Each rum in the Single Cane Estate rums range is made from a single source of sugar cane that is grown in its local region, with each rum having its distinctive character and flavor."

The label included the notes of the rum with hints of......."honey, cocoa, sweet oats and a hint of citrus". Sounded like a rum that was in my ball park so the bottle was purchased with much anticipation of the tasting.

The Tasting

So today, on a nice Spring Saturday I broke the seal on the bottle and had my first sip of the rum neat in the glass. It possesses a silky mouth feel but with some immediate heat. Makes one think the finish will be harsh but that is not the case. The finish is well balanced with a lingering but warm conclusion. It is a sweeter style of rum without dominant notes of tobacco or whiskey like smokiness.

On The Rocks

I prefer my sipping rums on ice. This selection is no exception to my personal rule of law. The slow melt of the cubes takes away some of the heat of the initial mouth feel and finish. As a result the flavors of the rum come to the fore front......including lots of honey in both the notes and the golden hue of the spirit.

This is a very nice rum that is not available hereabouts. Mission accomplished - I headed out to the Eastern Caribbean with the intent of returning with some rum not available in Nova Scotia. The fact that it suits my preferences is simply the cherry on top of a Caribbean sundae.

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