Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Goalie Pads and Duck Tape - DIY Color Match

Thanks to Sean, an ice hockey goaltender who also plays as a runner with us at ball hockey I got myself a gently used set of Reebok senior gloves. White with blue accents they almost match my RBK pads which are white with black accents.

These are the same pads I color matched to my previous gloves by adding red duck tape. Not only did it look good, especially from a distance but the tape held up to the abrasion of the gym floor extremely well. I had no issues with peeling or a lack of adhesion.

Its not unusual for goalies to DIY their pads at the recreational, amateur and pro levels. You can purchase actual custom pre-designed kits made by Pad Skinz and Pad Wrap but can be fairly expensive at $70 + depending upon the size and brand of your gear.Since I am a lowly recreational ball hockey goalie the better cheaper option is the use of colored duck tape.

Here is an excellent You Tube video that I modeled my technique after.....


My biggest challenge was finding a tape that was the color I required. I needed a dark navy blue that was not available at Canadian Tire nor Walmart. Searching online I saw that Party City carried a very nice selection of duck tape so I visited the local store and purchased an appropriate blue.

Having removed my previous red panels and yellow trim tape (added after the above picture) I added the blue trim onto the recessed panels and using a Exacto knife carefully trimmed off the excess. Since my gloves only have a blue trim it meant I could get away with the minimal amount of coverage on the pads without the need for larger panels.  Any repairs going forward (if required) will be dead easy and I have lots of tape left on the roll.

Done deal. For the total cost of $5.99 CDN plus sales tax I now have a matching set of pads, trapper and blocker.

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